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Legal Disclaimer

You want to set up a Representative Office of your company or found a new company in germany?

I can offer you legal, tax and consulting services regarding the establishment of you rep. office or you new company in germany.

The services relating to the establishment/ opening a rep. office in germany are normaly limited to consulting services in respect of the application for required permits and licenses, the review of all necessary application forms and documents, and the notificaton of any and all competent authorities and departments. 

German authorities and departments normaly want a german authorisised person with a power of attorney, who is acting for and on behalf of your company. And in germany the person must be a lawyer.

The services relating to founding a new company in germany are giving you legal advice which company you should found, how you can do that in the best way for you, preparing all necesary documents, making the conversation with the public notary, the public/ commercial register and all the others competent authorities and departments.

The most important point for you will be getting the necessary visa, residence or work permits for you or for your employees. I can help you, to get the visa and/ or residence and work permit.

I have expressly to emphasize, that I do not assume any liability regarding the fact that your employees are actually granted the necessary visa, residence or work pemits. Such decision is solely at the competent authorities´ discretion.


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